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Sambal Sotong Petai

When you have already made  Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis Petai , Sambal Petai Udang Kering & Sambal Bilis Petai , what should be next? Potentially, don't you think petai and sotong? A great marriage together? Petai trust me, works wondrously with sotong. Of course, it must also be in sambal? Sambal ( Sambal Udang ) Our Malaysian sambal. Our sambal ( Belacan Fish Sambal , Nyonya Fish Sambal ,  Sambal Belacan  & Salted Fish Mango Sambal ) we so sincerely love. Yep. You are right. Especially petai lovers, wouldn't you absolutely agree? Sambal Sotong Petai? Without a doubt, if you are asking this petai queen. So, what's the cooking style to Sambal Sotong Petai/Squid Stink beans ( Sambal Sotong )? I mean, how different can it be? Pretty much the standard style right? Sambal ingredients sauteed and then alongside sotong and petai. 

Bangkok, Thailand - Through My Canon (Part 1)

The start to my sightseeing in Bangkok ( Pathumwan Hotel Part 1 ) after lunch  ( Santa's Fast Food )? Travel agent arriving by 1.30pm and me being driven to the agent's office, and where, alongside the rest of the tourists, plus the tour guide, let's say, all in all, the 15 of us hopping into the bus. Bangkok! My first ever time. Goodness me! Traffic jam in Bangkok? Bad shape. Nevertheless, you just have to put your trust at the helms of the bus drivers. They have it. They have mastered it for ensuring your safety and completing your tour within the stipulated time. Our this half a day tour? To the temples. The first temple we visited.  W at Tramit Wittayaram Temple. Swarmed by hundreds and bustling busy. All walks of life tourists and locals as well due its a public holiday for ushering Thai king's birthday and year end school holiday.