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Thai Fish Noodle soup

Obviously, am I not growing stronger and stronger, tougher and tougher in the noodles department ( Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu/Soup & Spicy Thai Noodles )? For a matter of fact as well, in the Thai country cooking origin ( Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice , Tom Yam Chicken & Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon )? Fish Of course.  Do I have to say anything when I am married to a man who lives by fish and I think if he can, he will swim alongside them daily ( Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish , Vietnamese Fish Soup  & Chilli Lime Fish ). Until no dish, mind you is spared without fish ( Fish Sambar , Grilled Fish Sandwich &  Spicy Grilled Fish ). What else is new, you tell me? Nothing by far I think is new, but the newest Thai recipe? Yes, this Thai Fish Noodle Soup. Not the red kinda powering broth though. This is the subtle one. Of course, we still need chillies, as you can see, salmon my choice to fish was fried and later, after assembling noodles alongside red chillies, bean sprouts, green pe