Friday, June 8, 2012

Malacca (Malaysia) – Travel By Nava K (Part 2)

Day 1 was pretty much exciting and friendship sightseeing happily together (Malacca - Travel By Nava K Part 1). Day 2 on the other hand? Nonsense and really an irritating start. After breakfast (Philea Resort),  I really can't tell you what got into the couple. They arguing and refusing to budge from Philea. My-God! These are the people I chose to travel with? The things you find out about your friends once you travel with them? Anyway, I was not keen in needling neither I cared less. I completely ignored them and after enquiring from the staff of Philea what can I do, I walked for like 10 minutes before arriving at Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary. Entrance fees and paying for my camera as well, and into Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary where you can easily spend at least half a day if you are not rushing. 

Bharat Spice: Indian Cuisine Flavors and Experiences in Kota Kemuning

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