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Malacca (Malaysia) – Travel By Nava K (Part 1)

Where can our sightseeing in Malacca possibly begin? If you are asking me, I will suggest you start in Jonker Walk ( Philea Resort & Spa ). Why? Because Jonker Walk is supposedly the star attraction. We paying RM70.00 for our taxi ride from Philea Resort due to the distance and prior to walking amongst the hundreds. What can you expect in Jonker Walk? Eateries of course and also shopping, plus if you are willing to walk from one end to the other, you can do some sightseeing. We on the other hand started off by buying a packet of the  “Gula Ketuk”. Remember gula ketuk? If you are around my age, I bet you can recall. Gula Ketuk we bought from the trader who comes by aound our housing area? This gula ketuk from Jonker Walk? Such to waste to our couple of dollars. In fact, after tasting a few pieces of this hard as rock and tasteless gula ketuk, we had to threw the balance.