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Philea Resort & Spa - Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca and myself? Back then maybe 30 years ago when I was a sweet young lolly and polly. Oh yes! Me being a heavy duty young thing. But if you are asking me now what happened to the kilos, they just? I became more conscious once the years slowly caught up on me and of course due to watching my diet and tons of exercise thrown in. Alright. Returning from Italy, my first ever over the sea trip ( Rome & Verona/Milan ), I decided I want to continue with the momentum of travelling. Malacca obviously was the destination and since I didn't dare travel alone, I asked my friend to tag along. But what caught me by surprise at the last hour was her husband who conveniently included himself. Nevermind I told myself in good faith of our friendship. Off to Malacca by pigging backing a friend and prior to arriving in Philea Resort & Spa located just after Ayer Keroh toll and once you take the left turn for going down the slope.