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Tea Eggs

Chinese. Tea. And Eggs. Can't be Indian and Tea Eggs or Malay and Tea Eggs? As far as I know, no. Indian of course, we are all about holiness, praying, temples and vegetarianism synonymous? Okay. Okay. I shall stop with my Indian antics. No more needling the thread and needle about Indians in this pitching ( Indian-Spiced Salmon )? Enough right? I better. What's in store today for these Tea Eggs. As I have already told you, the Chinese way to Tea Eggs ( Rice Congee , Yong Tau Foo , Char Kway Teow  & Chinese Prawn Fritters ). The instant version. Meaning, you need to get the pre-packed Herbal Tea Eggs Spices. From Chinese shops of course. Quite a variety available these days. Pick whichever or ask. I bet they won't mind recommending ( Chick Kut Teh ). Any by far will do, or the one I have opted for. A couple of dollars only ( Chap Chai & Chicken Black Vinegar ) for celebration eggs. Eggs are the core ingredient. Yes. Otherwise, we can't be  naming thi