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Indian-Spiced Salmon

What's my story to this Indian-Spiced Salmon today? Of course, obviously, in my house, it has to be Indian for my Indian other half-half. Indian style cooking basically no matter what. Remember, I have already shared this matter to Indian and his food love ( Rice Congee With Condiments )? Precisely. And the other I must also share with you is fish love being his food love ( Spicy Grilled Fish , Chilli Lime Fish  &  Kerala Fish Fry ). Fish and fish and fish indeed I think forever, for the longest time, now and forever ( Fish Sambar ,   Grilled Fish Sambal , Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf , Malaysian Indian Fish Curry , Assam Fish Curry  & Chili Soy Fish ). Usually, most of the time, I stick to our local catch which is very much cheaper. But I guess, every now and then, we can afford the rather pricey salmon? Sure. Why not? If its a once a while affair, I too won't hesitate. The fresh piece of salmon getting to my attention in the hypermarket, I literally couldn't ig