Monday, April 30, 2012

Sichuan Chilli Prawns

Sichuan Chilli Prawn! Indeed. Another style to a Chinese dish (Chick Kut Teh). Chinese food (Yong Tau Foo, Chay Kway Teow, Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish & Chinese Fried Rice), as you know or don't, must I reckon highlight oyster sauce and dark sauce. Additionally, chilli even for Chinese dishes (Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken) is the customary ingredient for those of us who, no matter what, need our fix of spiciness. Whether a tiny bit of touch or bolt thundering spiciness (Chilli Lime Fish, Sweet Chilli Chicken & Chilli Honey Clams)? I of course, I think you know me? In my house, how can we don't long for spiciness. If not in all dishes, at least in one. Entering now in this previous cooking space of mine is Sichuan Chilli Prawns. Various styles and various ways of cooking, perhaps your style to Sichuan Chilli Prawns is better? Of course. Regardless, please for my sake, do not overcook prawns (Devilled Prawns, Sambal Prawns, Fried Prawn Wanton & Kam Heong Prawns). Otherwise, they will become rubbery and they will not hesitate to shrink (Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry, Grilled Spicy Prawns & Chinese Prawn Fritters). Wish we can shrink in size as well? We can if we work our muscles. Working our muscles in return means we can tuck into this Sichuan Chilli Prawns as much as we like without feeling guilty? 

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