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Spicy Fried Wings

Chicken wings and frying? I don't know about you, I must admit wings are my fav. All time fav. Nevermind if wings are sinful ( Grilled Chicken Wings ) Fats and skin within this part of the chicken? I know. Still, I can't simply resist. I need my fix of wings every now and then. Moreover, this frying matter to cooking? You tell me ( Cauliflower Fritters , Mushroom Rolls , Crispy Fried Okra & Kerala Fish Fr y )? Shall we not speak about frying matter anymore? I think we shouldn't. Much has already been said in my previous recipes ( Fried Shrimp Wantons  & Tuna Cutlets )? Unless of course you are one of those who are really health conscious, perhaps grilling or baking will be perfection for healthiness for you ( Grilled Salmon , Grilled Spicy Prawns , Baked Cornflakes Chicken , Curried Roast Chicken & Spicy Grilled Fish ). So anyway, what's with these Spicy Chicken Wings? Wings marinated in herbs and chillies paste, cornflour and rice flour,  and