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Showing posts from April 21, 2012

Pasta Zanmai - Empire Subang (Subang Jaya)

Back again in Empire Subang? Right. Ever since I changed my car. My car being serviced in Toyota and instead of waiting, I walk up to Empire Subang. Usually, since I always take up the early slot, you can see me in Empire Subang by 11.00am and at least every six months once. For killing time of course and because I am not a breakfast person, hunger will like immediately kill me the moment I walk in. But the thing to the eateries? Most of them are not ready and even if they are, they will stare at you if you are the first customer to walk in. Duh! As if you are pressuring them to get their food act at once instead of at their leisure ( Serai Empire and Chilli's ). Which eatery did I opt for? Pasta Zanmai. Why? They were already a-buzzed compared to the rest still sleeping.