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Egg And Potato Curry

My-My-Nava-Mia! Can you believe it? Two of our favorite ingredients in a curry ( Prawn Mango Curry , Thai Green Fish Curry & Bitter Gourd Sambar )? Egg and potato ( Jacket Potato Chicken Mince & Dum Aloo )? Shall we hit hard at the recipe right now instead of wasting any more time? We shall of course. Thank you darlings for your kind consideration. Aromatic-tangy-thick egg and potato curry. Grab the recipe will you? While you are still at this precious space of mine, lemme me also give you options for other egg dishes - ( Fried Egg Oyster Sauce , Tofu Scrambled Eggs , Egg Fish Roll , Egg Curry Masala , Egg Vindaloo , Egg Rasam & Bean Sprouts Omelette ).