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Restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan (Jalan Gasing) Petaling Jaya

Living in a new area which is like at its phase being developed? Duh! In fact, if you are talking about a decent Indian vegetarian meal, you don't have choices. Unless we are talking about heading to the mamak eateries and then opting for the vegetarian dishes between the rest they offer. Otherwise? You gotto to drive out and sure we drove all the way to Restaurant Saravana Bhavan on this particular Saturday. Parking of course was super easy. Well, its a Saturday, I already told you? We parking just across and making our way in. Goodness gracious! Packed to almost back to back and if not for the table right at the back, the nearest to the kitchen, most probably, we would have ended up waiting for maybe 20 minutes or so? Having said that, amidst the busyness, service must be praised. Almost instantly in this air-conditioned and clean dining area. What did we order? My-my! What a spread on their menu. Options literally spilling over. Eventually, we had to order. We settled for V