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Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo! Minced fish stuffed items. Yep. Fish alright. Fish minced or fish paste filled in various vegetables. Thereafter, frying of the stuffed veggies (( Fried Shrimp Wantons ), followed by drenching in a broth or soup ( Chick Kut Teh , Chicken Wanton Soup  & Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup ) made from fish bones and skin, and accompanied by chilli dip. Or instead of fish broth, you can also consider curry ( Curry Mee ). Choice is yours. This my version of Yong Tau Foo? Please. Do not compare with those from hawker stalls ( Malaysian Fried Mee , Chap Chai , Penang Mee Yoke , Hokkien Mee  &  Chinese Fried Rice ). You shouldn't in fact because I worked within my limitation of ingredients I had in hand, neither did I want buy any other. I basically didn't see a reason for spending for other ingredients. Why? What for? The smartness of cooking at home I believe should be keeping cost low. Wouldn't you agree? Spending is easy, saving is darn tough the call