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Gurney Drive - Penang (Malaysia)

To be in Penang means you must also give a go to hawker food in Gurney Drive ( Kandar Line Clear ). At least once in your life time and trust me, choices are really aplenty. Rows and rows of stalls offering our local delights ( Spice Market Cafe Rasa Sayang ), but the one thing which may not be favourable if you are driving is traffic jam and parking. Quite a madness actually. We somehow thank god. We did it at this hour (7.30pm) and then of course, walking through the long stretch of lane and looking at the what's been offered, prior to calling for the food we wanted and like immediately quickly grabbing the empty table. What is new in Gurney Drive compared to the last time, a few years ago I popped by? Self-service in not only to ordering, but you gotto to pay and bring back the food you have ordered to your table.  What did we order and tuck into? For the four of us, we decided to order a variety of dishes and then, we can pinch in a bit of those.  Asam Laksa. I p