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Vegetable Kurma

Remember, can you recall my Mutton Kurma ? I hope you can. Otherwise, just flip flop over to the recipe. Otherwise, give me a break please. I don't want to get down to the nooks and cronies on explaining what is kurma, aka, Indian vegetable curry ( Indian Vegetable Curry , Cauliflower Curry  &  Indian Tofu Curry ). So, no need for me to explain what is kurma right? This kurma curry, an absolute fab, don't you think so, yes, you have to make the kurma from a stretch. Kurma paste by far, unless you prefer store bought kurma powder? Up to you actually. But we shouldn't discount home made kurma paste right? Nothing like making right? Of course for this Vegetable Kurma. Kurma paste, potatoes, long beans, brinjal, spices and aroma of coriander leaves ( Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry , Bitter Gourd Sambar , Mor Kuzhambu ,  Tanni Saar , Sambar , Sodhi & Spinach Dhal Curry ). Sounds fab? I reckon.