Friday, March 30, 2012

Cauliflower Fritters

Honestly, I don't have anything new to say. Nothing pretty much. No news from my side to yours. In fact, nothing much have been shining or shimmering except going through the daily motion of the daily grind. The grind of back and forth from work, and when our home affairs are a concern, we must slot in cooking right (Carrot PoriyalBean Sprouts Omelette & Tapioca Stir Fry)? I don't know about you, for me a home meal is essential. Home meal for which many of us career women struggle in finding the time. Many of us showcase a state of art kitchen, whether we cook or not, a question mark right? My kitchen anyway is just so ordinary. But in my sweating me crazily kitchen cooking is a forefront. Daily. I basically fight for time, but I ensure my family is not deprived of a home meal. Home meal a couple of days ago was this Cauliflower Fritters (Aloo Gobi & Cauliflower Curry). Of course as a side for our rice meal, regardless these can be for your tea time if you like. How to make these crispy on the outside and soft bite highlighting cauliflower inside? Chick pea batter in which cauli florets are dipped and fried (Kurkuri Bhindi, Valakkai Chips & Mushroom Rolls). Bye!

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