Monday, March 26, 2012

Fried Egg With Oyster Sauce

God! Egg eating story is potentially a confusing theory. People just have to open their mouth and express their opinion. Whether the right opinion or not, people just must confuse us. Some, do or die, will debate eggs are bad for health, others will suggest you limit the number of eggs to maybe, three or four in a week, whereas the rest like me, can't be bothered. Honestly, I can't be bothered to listen to the wise cracks because, have you realise that people who are so particular about what to eat, including so worrying about eggs, they are the ones who kick their buckets faster? Than those like me who, I am not saying I live for eggs but I eat eggs without limitation. Not daily though. Gawking down unlimited eggs like a monster, basically overdosing yourself knowingly or unknowingly, can't keep your health in a safe state of affair. Going overboard on any kinda ingredients or food, wouldn't you agree is madness? An egg a day I think is really okay? If you are not agreeing, your problem and not mind anyway. Whether you eat eggs daily or its a once a while affair, can you just allow me to share this Fried Egg With Oyster Sauce recipe? (Bean Sprouts Omelette, Egg Rasam, Egg Vindaloo, Egg Curry Masala, Egg Fish Roll & Tofu Scramble Eggs). Really-really down to earth preparation. Ingredients as per your wish, fried eggs, oyster sauce drizzle over and spring onion garnished.    

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