Friday, March 23, 2012

Poached Pears In Citrus Syrup

Different right? I know. Green is the color poached pears? Of course. Where did the green like incredible hulk green splash out from? Not out of anger though. Its basically, me and my trying to be a recipe influencer. Me and my invention. I thought. I really thought. Why should I trend in front or at the back of those other wine poached pears. Why not to a Malaysian non-alcoholic pears poached? Of course. I did it. Quite a winner among those who tasted. But some commented that I should have made it less sugary sweet. Point noted. Maybe for the next round. So, what should we do, in other words, the cooking technique to these Poached Pears in Citrus Syrup? As the other kindas, its over the stove simmering (Fried Apple Fritters & Sago Gula Melaka) instead of into the oven baking (Chocolate Rum Tart, Lemon Buttermilk Cake & Pineapple Bread Pudding). Simmer (White Fungus Gingko Nuts). Just simmering. (No Bake Cheesecake). Green color extracted from pandan leaves/screwpine leaves (Coconut Panna Cotta) which are in bushes in my garden, one of my fav ingredients (Mango Coconut Jelly & Dragon Fruit Coconut Jelly) for our Malaysian desserts as you know or don't, and the tangy tinge from lemon juice for this sweet delight.  

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