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Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles

Alright, alright. Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles is basically or obviously as you may have noted is Penang Assam Laksa . Similarities are there, yes, but its another different kinda type. Not the same lemme assure you. Of course for those of you who have made assam laksa before or I'm sure assam laksa is a known already tasted before for Malaysians ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles & Malaysian Fried Mee ), you know that the sour spicy ( Spicy Thai Noodles ) fish broth says its all ( Vietnamese Fish Soup ). Broth evidently is the core? Absolutely. In fact, for any soupy noodle dish, broth is the one ( Penang Mee Yoke , Curry Mee , Curry Chicken Noodles & Bee Hoon Soup ). Whereas, noodles and the rest of the ingredients are pretty much your free willy. As you like, as per your taste and as per your preference ( Chicken Wanton Soup , Laksam Kelantan , Mee Rojak & Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup ). Okay? Lets get back to Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodle