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Mysore Sambar

Mysore Sambar. The front door, or back door, or straight door to the other side of sambal/Indian dal curry. Sambar by far? How can sambar not be a popularity amongst Indians for the matter. In fact, our food life is not complete without sambar and walk into whichever Indian eateries, from the high end to the street stalls, sambar will joyously greet you. Point blank, do I have to actually speak any further about sambar? I don't think so because I think I have giving more than enough hints on sambar being the must have, maybe not every day, but at least once a week ( Bitter Gourd Sambar or Plain Sambar )? I too am a cooking hero when sambar is a concern. What do you expect.? Indian husbands and their profound love for sambar? Regardless, each time I make sambar, I try to coin another version and this Mysore Sambar has already be trended in my house ( Mor Kuzhambu/Yogurt Curry , Cauliflower Curry , Indian Tofu Curry & I ndian Vegetable Curry ) and there's no limit to th