Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Rum Tart

What a, proud moment of mine baking breakthrough. Believe me you. Can you believe it that I made Chocolate Rum Tart? Joy to the world. Okay, okay, I am not floating in cloud 9 no more. I am back to reality. But still, such a breakthrough for me (Lemon Bars & Pineapple Bread Pudding). I guess when the mind is set, I guess nothing is impossible. Never mind if we are not the first at the finishing line. An achievement is still an achievement (Cream Puffs & Soft Rolls), for me, really, though I am not at all a fan of chocs, but for choc lovers, I can assure you that these chocolate tarts are a heavenly retreat (Dates Sunflower Seeds Cake & Fried Apple Fritters). Vanilla scented pastry and within it, rum infused dark chocolate. Rum of course is optional unless you are a once a while drunkard like me, these tarts by the way must be chilled first to set the choc filling prior to luxuriating in. I love you too everyone.

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