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Showing posts from March 1, 2012

Chicken Varuval

So, another chicken dish today by far? Previously, can you still recall my Curried Roast Chicken ?  I hope you can still remember? Otherwise, perhaps you would like to flip over to the recipe and then, get up, close and personal to this Chicken Varuval, also known as dry style masala chicken ( Jacket Potatoes Chicken Mince ). One which I think is not the standard like the many Chicken Varuval. My version of course, as usual, must have the touch of me. A touch of natural sweet burst from dried raisins. Just a touch, nothing over-powering, a touch for the role play between spiciness, sweetness and awesome aroma of garam masala and coriander leaves ( Honey Chilli Chicken  & Sweet Chilli Chicken ). Anything else is there for me to say ( Butter Chicken , Ayam Masak Merah  & Cashew Nut Masala Chicken )? I sincerely doubt.