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Curried Roast Chicken

I like this whole idea to inventing my own recipes. Of course, when time is on my side, not always though, whenever I can squeeze in pretty much. Inventing recipes by far is my proud moment to food happiness ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles ). Call me the recipe inventor or recipe influencer ( Grilled Chicken Wings  & Baked Cornflakes Chicken ) if you feel you should. Thus, henceforth, therefore, my this time invention is Curried Roast Chicken ( Chicken Curry Potatoes  & I ndian Chicken Curr y ). Chicken of course is the main highlight, but instead of one whole chicken, I opted for two pieces ( Honey Chilli Chicken , Chicken Wanton Soup  & Chicken Feet Salad ) due to me dining alone. Nothing worrying, nothing nor intimidating, neither you should be over concern, over the word curried. Not for my recipes though. Basically, you make this Curried Roast Chicken ( Cashew Masala Chicke n , Butter Chicken , Sesame Chicken & Sweet Chilli Chicken ) with your pantry friendly