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Spicy Thai Noodles

What's the dish for the day? Obviously, its a noodle dish. Yes. Noodles again ( Fried Kuey Teow ,  Fried Mee . Laksam Noodles & Hokkien Mee ). No, no, not the same kinda ( Lamb Pho/Vietnamese Noodle Soup ). Not the same. Trust me ( Mee Rebus Vegetarian  &. Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup ). This is the simplicity, elevated by store-bought sauces which have been sitting in my fridge and I, as you know, am someone who fancy using up whatever vegetables in the fridge as well ( Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice )? Rather a convenient matter actually if you considering such Spicy Thai Noodles. Basically, lemme tell you that anything goes. Meaning, ingredients that can jive, click and dance together for the customary Thai spiciness and sourness ( Seafood Tom Yum Soup , Tom Yam Chicken , Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon & Thai Green Fish Curry ). As per your taste, let me remind you again, and also as per the ingredients you have at home.