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Showing posts from February 14, 2012

Verona & Milan - (Italy)

Countdown. Sadly though. Two more days only in Italy. Oh-no! Wish there will be no stop to our tour or maybe another at least two days thrown in. Then again? The reality is otherwise? Tour must end and we returning to our daily grind. Undeniably. Where to next ( Venice , Florence & Rome )? Verona. By 9.00am, we standing in front of Adige River. Wow! Soothing to your senses view. Admiring the clean water flow of Adige water, and stretching our eyes towards the bridge, the nature wonder scenery of the hills and every bend of Adige. Also, for understanding the meaning, more or less, why Verona is said as a romantic spot in tandem to being a package of timeless monuments, numerous bridges, medieval architectures, Italian food and of course shopping as well.