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Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles

If there is without a doubt, of course there is, I know what I am not doubting, if there's already Penang Curry Mee  in this previous space of mine, why can't there be a curry noodle dish showcasing lamb ( Lamb Pho/Vietnamese Noodle Soup ) as the main highlight? Why not? What must it mostly must be a familiarity ( Home Made Curry Mee & Vegetarian Curry Mee )? Regardless, I really can't decide nor should I speak on your behalf, but obviously, I have already accomplished within the context of a Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles ( Penang Assam Laksa  &  Bee Hoon Soup ). Malaysian? Malaysian meaning from my Malaysian kitchen ( Malaysian Fried Rice & Malaysian Fried Mee ). Yep, you are right. If it is not always Malaysian, at least every once too often ( Malaysian Lamb Stew ) Malaysian food for this Malaysian foodie. Lamb of course ( Lamb Fried Rice & Lamb Burger s ), in fact even mutton ( Sup Kambing , Mutton Keema & Mutton Varuval ), is forever a fav