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Vegetarian Sandwich

Anything is possible. In fact, even for our food lingo. All you gotto do is think. Think of the possibilities of  a different kinda food item. In my house, I can't say anything goes. Nope, anything does not go because there are limitations for my other half-half, whereas I am basically any type of food survivor. I am fine as long as food goes down my tummy for hunger throne. But like I have already said, my man? I need to pay attention and concern definitely. Thank god, thanks to his palates which by far does not have an issue to bread ( Grilled Fish Sandwich , Lamb Burgers ). Blessings, maybe? I believe so ( Bread Sardine Roll ). So, when on this day, I was literally blanked out in my mind what should be the vegetarian food for his once a vegetarian day, I comfortably put up this Vegetarian Sandwich ( Aloo Gobi , Cumin Rice ,  Mee Rebus Vegetarian , Cauliflower Curry , Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup , Mor Kuzhambu & Kurkuri Bhindi ). Nothing mind boggling, its basica