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Mutton Pepper Masala

Mutton Keema , Masala Mutton Curry , Mutton Kurma , Mutton Dalca , Pepper Mutton Curry , Mutton Parathal  & Mutton Varuval . Says its all, isn't it? Our love, our Indian love for mutton? Of course. Obviously. Mutton loved to its core and I, mind you have already exhausted my avenue for the standard mutton dishes. All of it already repeated I don't know how many times before I decided I should invent a new dish. Pepper being the main highlight for this Mutton Pepper Masala, a dry style, mint for aroma and minty zesty, and like I have already said before, potatoes by far will swim into a mutton or even a lamb dish ( Lamb Pho ). Oh yes, yogurt tipped in as well for the natural burst of creaminess and tanginess.