Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple Cucumber Salad

So, the worst struggle in this fast and catchy era I am assuming, is time struggle. Tell me about it. Time and none. Time which by far is the crucial crisis for literally everything, including cooking taking place in our kitchen (Kampung Fried Rice, Chinese Mixed Vegetable Stew, Beans Thoran & Mixed Vegetable Soup). I know. I am aware. I go through it daily. Nevertheless, my motto is still a home meal. One which I try my best not to compromise. Thus, how do I keep it going? How do I manage my time for home food? Well, if you know and you have mastered the art to keeping it simple in your kitchen, you are already your own winner (Bean Sprouts Salted Fish, Kailan Oyster Sauce & Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish). Of course, every now and then, its worthiness to an elaborated dish (Aloo Gobi, Gado Gado & Chloe Masala). Otherwise? Take this Apple Cucumber Salad as an example. A healthy temptation. Easily put together. Right. Apple, cucumber, lettuce leaves, dried blackcurrant, olive oil, lemon juice, brown sugar and salt. Bang! Green is our food crunchiness and tastiness. Happy tucking in everyone. 

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