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Apple Cucumber Salad

So, the worst struggle in this fast and catchy era I am assuming, is time struggle. Tell me about it. Time and none. Time which by far is the crucial crisis for literally everything, including cooking taking place in our kitchen ( Kampung Fried Rice , Chinese Mixed Vegetable Stew , Beans Thoran & Mixed Vegetable Soup ). I know. I am aware. I go through it daily. Nevertheless, my motto is still a home meal. One which I try my best not to compromise. Thus, how do I keep it going? How do I manage my time for home food? Well, if you know and you have mastered the art to keeping it simple in your kitchen, you are already your own winner ( Bean Sprouts Salted Fish , Kailan Oyster Sauce & Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish ). Of course, every now and then, its worthiness to an elaborated dish ( Aloo Gobi , Gado Gado & Chloe Masala ). Otherwise? Take this Apple Cucumber Salad as an example. A healthy temptation. Easily put together. Right. Apple, cucumber, lettuce leaves, dried