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Sura Meen Kuzhambu (Shark Curry)

The love for fish just spirals over like nobody's business in my house. The love, supposedly, for consuming less meat and more of fish ( Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish , Kerala Fish Fry , Tuna Cutlets , Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf  & Nyonya Fish Sambal ). Of course, the other love in an Indian household can't be none, can't be more, except Kuzhambu, aka curries ( Fish Sambar , Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry ,  Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry , Crab Curry  &  Thai Green Fish Curry ). Sura Meen Kuzhambu is I think a familiarity to Indians? No, no, I am not talking about the huge buggers swimming happily and aimlessly in the sea. I am actually talking about those small sharks which obviously is the core for this Sura Meen Kuzhambu (Shark Curry). Get them cleaned at the fish monger. Otherwise, shark will be quite a troubling and time taking thing in cleaning by yourself. What's next? Making this curry. Really, quite a basic type, nevertheless, aplenty garlic, if you are aski