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Malaysian Lamb Stew

Its, mostly Malaysian in my house ( Potato Leaves Belacan , Chay Kway Teow , Kailan Oyster Sauce , Bean Sprouts Salted Fish , Gado Gado , Sambal Sotong & Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry ) Malaysian food mostly, even when its other dishes from around the globe, I must tweet and localize as per our Malaysian love. Today, its Malaysian Lamb Stew. Somewhat similar to the millions of lamb stews from every and each part of the world, Malaysian Lamb Stew ( Malaysian Indian Fish Curry ) on the other hand is the produce of our local ingredients, except maybe Worcestershire Sauce? Additionally, due to our rough and tough local lamb cuts, I suggest you get the cooking help from your pressure cooker. Otherwise, nothing should go wrong for this rich and filling stew which you can make ahead, store in the fridge and warm up as and when needed, perhaps also you shouldn't discount dunking toast inside for further food pleasure wholesomeness ( Lamb Fried Rice & Braised Chicken Feet ).