Friday, November 18, 2011

Carrot Poriyal

Carrots are at their best when you just crunch into them. As raw as they are. Why not. After all, its healthiness and packing aplenty major values? Wouldn't you agree? Sincerely. Then again, it can't be rawness daily. Carrots, believe me, are deliciousness when converted to an Indian style stir fried dish (Aloo Gobi, Brinjal Stir Fried & Beans Thoran). Take this Indian Carrot Poriyal as an example. A lovely side for teaming alongside other sides (Dum Aloo, Red Cabbage Thoran & Potato Balls). Of course, some gravies thrown in as well (Indian Vegetable Curry, Egg Rasam & Sodhi) and how about specifically made rice dishes instead of plain, boring white rice (Lemon Cashew Rice & Ghee Rice)? So, ladies and gentlemen, here is my version of Carrot Poriyal. Carrot stir fried alongside spices, fresh coconut and curry leaves. Tempting right? I know. 

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