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Braised Chicken Feet

Chinese food delightfulness and this Indian lady? Oh-yes please. We have already bonded and we will mind you, remain forever as best friends ( Fried Lotus Root Chips , Fried Shrimp Wantons , Salted Egg Chicken , Chinese Fried Rice  & Chinese Prawn Fritters ). Now and forever and for the longest time. Anything Chinese goes for me. Simple, easy-preasy and even lazily put together dishes ( Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish ) or more elaborated ones ( Chinese Chicken Meatball Soup , Chicken Wanton Soup , Sesame Chicken  & Sweet Chilli Chicken ) and today, according to my cooking technic, it is a time taking cooking. Especially for ensuring chicken feet is cooked to its tenderness. Chicken Feet? Remember, I have already told you before ( Chicken Feet Kerabu/Salad )? So, lemme get to the recipe instead of dwelling on chicken, which part, which you fancy, so on and so forth ( Baked Cornflakes Chicken ). Super moist, super succulent chicken soaking in tadbit bit of gravy/sauce, made