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Woo Ga Chon Korean Restaurant - Sunway Mentari (Sunway)

Lunch with my colleagues is pretty straightforward. There's always "Asia Cafe" or somehow or rather, we will walk our way to a nearby eatery. Lunch with a close friend for a private moment on the other hand is about venturing a little further. With this friend of mine who was back to Malaysia after settling down in Saudi and I have not seen for two years, we stumbled upon Woo Ga Chon Korean restaurant by chance while driving around Sunway Mentari. Clock by then had ticked after 2pm, causing our hunger pangs to cloud our thoughts, good thing as well because Woo Ga Chon Korean Restaurant was literally empty, which means we don't have to await around for service. Sure enough, service came at once, we flipped through the menu, in between we had a discussion on what to order.