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Baked Cornflakes Chicken

After all the many years behind the road, when you invest in an oven, don't you think we should start baking? Utterly. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of investing in a new kitchen equipment. Don't you think so? I reckon. All these while, I have been the over the stove portable grilling pan person ( Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf  &  Grilled Salmon ). So, oven investment seemingly has brought a broad smile on my face. Nevertheless, I must also say that we Malaysians, unless you are baking enthusiast, we generally prefer on fire under our pots and pans cooking. Anyway, I am not regretting. Never know, it may spiral me to start seriously baking? Early to throw words though and mind you, I have already started and here is the latest from my oven. Baked Cornflakes Chicken ( Grilled Chicken Wings ). Any part will do ( Sesame Chicken  & Sweet Chilli Chicken ), of course, I love the sinful wings ( Chicken Feet Kerabu/Salad ), but remember, as far as I know, baking is hea