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Chicken Feet Salad (Kerabu)

Chicken Feet? How it is with you for you? This bottom part, chicken walking its way feet? If you are asking me, I am truly an avid chicken feet loving person. I know. Sounds gross right? But for those of you who love chicken feet, I bet you can strongly relate to me? Obviously, of the chicken of course ( Sweet Chilli Chicken  &  Sesame Chicken ), the other part like their wings which some of you won't mind. Whatever said about chicken feet, cleaning the feet for this Chicken Feet Salad can be hell. Imagine, simmering or boiling and then carefully pulling out the gooey bitsy out of the feet. Sure, I think pre-cleaned chicken feet is now on the mark in hypermarkets, or maybe at wet markets too, I on the other hand, did the cleaning myself. My heroic action was definitely a struggle, yet I managed to, prior to tossing alongside carrot, chillies, shallots, fish sauce, lime juice and crunchy roasted cashew nuts for the delightfulness of Chicken Feet Salad/Kerabu ( Cashew Masa