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Showing posts from October 21, 2011

Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice

The ever loved easy to put together fried rice is back, I'm also featuring Tom Yum again. Nice kicky punchy fried rice and of course Thai absoluteness (( Tom Yum Fried Mee Hoon ) which I'm sure is a favourite? A familiarity in Thai stalls, those stalls you will notice in coffee shops at the outside corner mostly? Of course. I agree because I too do the packing back from time to time when laziness has crept in. How about today, I lead you towards the direction of making Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice in your kitchen)? Tom yum paste, fresh prawns, onion, chillies, kaffir lime leaves and for veggies, checkmate your fridge first. Any kinda veggie will do, and as always, you must use whichever you already have instead of waiting till last minute and throwing. Tom Yum Prawn Fried Rice. What else should I say? A revelation of joyous always loved tastes.