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Sweet Chilli Chicken

Okay, okay! Stop panicking. Sweetness in this Sweet Chilli Chicken ( Chicken Vegetable Sou p , Sesame Chicken , Butter Chicken  & Salted Egg Chicken ) is not from sweet chilli sauce or sugar by itself. It is on the other hand from raisins. Just 1/2 a handful or at your pleasure as per your taste. A tiny bit of sweetness will not ruin your health. Moreover, when its from raisins? In fact sweetness from raisins, saltiness from soy sauce and spiciness from red chillies is a merger food Malaysian delightfulness. Yes. It is. Please don't doubt this Malaysian. She knows what she is talking about. Succulent and slightly crispy on the outside chicken, coated in a spicy-sweet-salty thick sauce ( Cashew Masala Chicken , Tom Yam Chicken , Ayam Masak Merah & Indian Chicken Curry ). Chinese style of course ( Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken ). You mean Indians cook this style? I don't know. You tell me please and you make it and pleasure into it.