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Kailan With Oyster Sauce

Chinese cooking, don't you agree is so much simplified and easier compared to our Indian cooking? I don't know whether you are agreeing or not, for me personally, Chinese cooking is definitely rather uncomplicated. Either you steam, either you simmer or either you simply fry or stir fry? I know. Of course, I must also agree that there are time taking Chinese dishes. But seldom is the case for daily meals. Indian dishes, on the other hand, tell me about it? God! Additionally, somehow Indian husbands? Put a simple dish on the table, and you should see the frowning and quietly murmuring ( Chinese Fried Rice  &  Bean Sprout Salted Fish ). But somehow, when its Chinese dining outside, they will happily tuck in right? Tell me about it please? Anyhow, I usually do the uncomplicated easy cooking when I eat alone. I really can't be bothered with pots and pans rolling Indian dishes. This Kailan With Oyster Sauce by far is the simplest. Indeed, obviously the Chinese style t