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Cauliflower Curry

How would you personally define vegetarianism? Does it mean vegetarianism is the way to holiness and healthiness? I am actually quite confused ( Gado Gado , Mee Rojak Vegetarian , Corn Soup & Pumpkin Soup ). I am not sure too. Why do people generally look up at vegetarians? Look, I am not saying you must look down on them, but  trust me, there are rolly-polly vegetarians and not necessarily they are the most humbles religious people ( Indian Tofu Curry , Chilli Aloo  &  Sambar ). I personally know of stinking vegetarians. Nevertheless, in all fairness, we should sum all vegetarians as, whatever you like to call them. Being a vegetarian is basically our choice for whatever reasons own best to us instead of? How about in my house are you asking? We are definitely not vegetarians, but our daily meals definitely consists of at least a single or two vegetarian dishes ( Vegetarian Mutton Curry , Indian Vegetable Curry , Yam Basket Vegetarian & Spinach Sambar ). This caul