Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Fruit and Coconut Jelly

Dessert time everyone. Back to a Malaysian dessert of course, back to one with agar-agar and coconut milk and obviously, dragon fruit. Only god knows why and what not, dragon fruit seemingly is the desirable fruit of these days. Never heard of it when I was younger, but now, dragon fruit is a big plantation business for customers purchasing power. Two types. The red flesh and white flesh dragon fruit. Nevertheless, unless you cut open up the fruit, you won't know which is which,  and unless its labelled. Otherwise, you will end up like a blind bat like me. Supposedly I'm suppose to buy the red, ending up I bought the white. Duh! Still, when you are like ready, steady and go for making a dessert with it (Pandan Milk Jelly), the show must go on right? Sure. So, here it is. Dragon Fruit Coconut Jelly. Enjoy everyone while I catch up on my nap.

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