Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nyonya Assam Fish Curry

So, another blog entry for Assam Curry? Sure! Remember my previous Assam Curry Fish? If you can't remember, perhaps, you would like to do the flipping back to the recipe prior to digesting this another Assam Fish Curry? And this Nyonya Assam Fish curry mind you, is a popular take amongst us Malaysians (Nyonya Fish Sambal & Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed). Assam basically means sourness and don't we Malaysians love sour notes (Kembung Assam Sauce, Chilli Soy Fish, Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry & Penang Assam Laksa)? I do. Honestly, I do. A fusion between Chinese and Malay ingredients, spices and local herbs, Nyonya assam fish curry is just so mind blowing. Terrific bold spicy tastes, aromatic and of course tanginess. Come follow me, let's learn how to make Nyonya Assam Fish Curry (Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Pompret Soy Sauce & Stingray Spicy Sauce). 

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