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Nasi Lemak

The ever loved, the ever popular and the ever sensational, nasi lemak is also a good time for anytime meal. We Malaysians simply adore Nasi Lemak. Tell me, where not we have not tasted nasi lemak? From road-side stalls, from hawkers stalls in coffee shops, from restaurants and from hotels. Basically, nasi lemak is everywhere we turn to. So, I made as well. My version of course. Rice ( Nasi Dagang , Ghee Rice , Tomato Rice ,  Cumin Rice , Belacan Fried Rice   &  Kampung Fried Rice ) cooked with coconut milk, pandan juice, cloves and salt. Condiments for nasi lemak varies. Essentially should be sambal/chilli gravy, boiled/fried eggs, fried anchovies/ikan bilis, fried peanuts and cucumber slices etc etc.Topped up with chilli flakes as in this recipe and for the sambal, here's to Sambal Sotong .