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Stingray Spicy Sauce

Back again bouncing back to stingray/ikan pari. Remember, call you recall my previous recipe  I kan Pari/Stingray Sambal ? Yes? No. no. Not again the same recipe again please. Another style, yet, crucially, any Malaysian dish for the matter must be, potentially, spicy sauce based or call it sambal ( Sambal Udang/Prawn ,  Belacan Fish Sambal , Nyonya Fish Sambal  & Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed ). Of course obviously then, chilli is the main highlight for sambal, always and forever ( Chilli Soy Fish , Fried Kembung Assam Sauce  & Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf ), this Stingray Spicy Sauce too basically showcases spiciness, additionally the combination of our local herbs makes its tastes even more interesting. Oh, don't forget pairing Stingray Spicy Sauce alongside lime or lemon wedges for that tinge of tanginess ( Pompret/Bawal Hitam Soy Sauce & Grilled Salmon ). Enjoy everyone!