Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Da Sa Rang Korean Restaurant (SS15, Subang Jaya)

Just a walking distance from where I work, but trust me, though I have walked past Da Sa Rang like maybe hundreds of times? Really, such a confusing matter actually. For a matter of fact, my other half-half, no matter how many times I have coaxed him, he just wouldn't accompany me. He is not at all into Korean food. Somehow on this particular day, I had my chance to dining in Da Sa Rang. That too since I insisted, my two colleagues agreed. Where is the exact location of Da Sa Rang? Look out for McDonalds in SS15 and somehow, you will identify Da Sa Rang within the next three or maybe five doors away (upstairs). Ambiance of Da Sa Rang? Quite spacious. Outwardly clean and once we were seated by 12.30pm, we of course had to decide what to order. Menu calling and menu showcasing quite a good bit of choices. Our pick? Dolsot-Bibim-Bap, Gamja- Jjigare and Kinchi-Ramyeon.

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