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Nasi Dagang

  Nasi kita Nasi Malaysia. Our rice is our Malaysian rice. How can we Malaysians possibly ditch ride aside. Never. Not me though. I love rice to its every bit core ( Ghee Rice/Nei Choru ). Various ways and various styles, you name it, there's various ways to rice. Between the humble our forever and easily put together Malaysian fried rice ( Lamb Fried Rice ) and the list goes on ( Jeera/Cumin Rice & Tomato Rice ). Which is the type of rice dish we are going to learn to cook today? Obviously, its Nasi Dagang. The direct translation of Nasi Dagang to Trading Rice I reckon may sound out,  but lemme assure you that Nasi Dagang's roots originating most probably from Kelantan and Terengganu is a winner on all counts. A wholesome complete rice dish, there's of course different version to Nasi Dagang and I as usual coined my own Nasi Dagang. Rice cooked alongside coconut milk and turmeric, tossed with fried flaked salmon and raw kacang panjang/long beans, lemongrass