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Penang Curry Mee

Nope. I am not done yet with Penang and noodles  Penang Mee Yoke and Penang Assam Laksa ). What else should be the noodle dish from Penang ( Malaysian Fried Mee )? We should accept this Curry Mee as the other ( Home Made Curry Mee ). The start to making Penang Curry Mee? The curry. Curry and none more. Curry being the pre-requisite for, say all you want, curry must be right. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of us delightfully tucking into a bowl of Penang Curry Mee. However, my recipe is unique. Why? It is one of those which will suit the vegetarians as well. Curry scented by lemongrass and curry leaves, and made from curry powder and coconut milk without chicken.Yep. You read it right. Instead, chicken fried separately, which means curry is the vegetarian version and once we assemble curry alongside noodles and garnished by mint leaves, we add fried chicken atop and inside. Quite an invention right? Of course. Penang Curry Mee. My proud house Penang Curry Mee.