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Murukku - Amma's Instant Version

Looking back, I can clearly recall I made murukku only once in my entire life. Thereafter, I realise its easier to crunch and munch compared to making these crispy and tasty snack, a must for the festival of light, Deepavali. Having failed at the first attempt, I now run to my nearest saviour. Who else except amma. Similar to all the previous years, mum ever willingly make. But she has slowed down because age has caught up. So, no more making murukku from the stretch. Instead, its with instant ready made flour which some people are so anti-against. Let them be. Like I care anyway or should I worry about what other people are doing, for mum and myself, we have no qualms to ready made instant flour murukku which does not fail us. If you one like us, then I suppose this murukku recipe is for you.