Saturday, May 29, 2010

RUEBEN'S Bistro & Pub - Taipan, Subang Jaya

Rueben's Bistro & Pub. The affordable watering hole for near and afar customers who like a drink or two or "the more the merrier" before going home or don't want to go home. Beer as far as I know, is the main crowd puller though some prefer to park bottles and if you are amongst the early birds, you will most probably notice grey hair, no hair, pot belly "Men From Uncles", and maybe a few women around. These customers somehow will disperse before or just after the clock strikes 8.00pm and then, almost like silence is golden environment before the hip-hop crowd stroll in later after 10 o'clock or so. What about my other half-half? Unsure I am if he is among the early or later customers but he sure carry home some juicy stories to my ears. Why did I end up in RUEBEN'S Bistro & Pub? For dinner actually. 

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