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Showing posts from May 28, 2010

Terasek Brickhouse, Bangsar

There’s Sekeping Tenggiri and Seapark Brickhouse . Now we have Terasek Brickhouse. The concept remains and they are cosy places with rooms to let. Not just any kind of room, but one that’s all about going back-to-basics, without foregoing style. The minimalist concept is a refreshing change from the regular hotels peppered all over town. Terasek Brickhouse is a fusion of ideas from the previous two places. There are a couple of unique touches. For example, there’s a 4-feet deep dip pool. Alternatively you could just sit and stick your feet into this pool and wet your feet. The usual comforts are still available. Air-conds, TV, WiFi, kitchen, etc. There are 2 rooms on the ground floor and three on the upper floor. Another point of differentiation is its rooftop. The cement stairs leading to the rooftop is as unique as they come and do watch out for your head when you go through the rather low and small “door” to the rooftop. There, you are treated to a view of the Ba